Box BQ (G2)

  • Length: 109 cm / 42,91″
  • Width: 35 cm / 13,78″
  • Height: 6,3 cm / 2,48″
  • Storage capacity: 5 m / 16,40 ft
  • Weight: 2,1 kg / 4,63 lbs

Feedstock, manufacturing and recycling

  • Polypropylene (PP) – 100% recyclable.
  • Fabrication through injection.
  • Recyclability more than 5 times.
  • Increased durability under the proper storage conditions (stacking within the load limit, on a level surface and in a covered area).
  • Chemically inert, not posing a risk of contamination or chemical reactions in the samples.
  • Light product, allowing transport in greater quantity and reducing delivery costs.


  • Wavy crib for better accommodation of the drill core.
  • System for locking a box to each other to increase the stacking safety.
  • Efficient locking system of the lid on the box.
  • Water drainage system to prevent contamination through the edges.
  • Handling system to improve the ergonomics of boxes transportation.
  • Plug system information plate at the top.
  • More efficient system for insertion and locking of the range of separators (Core Shocks).
  • Textured surfaces to enhance the preservation of texts written in pen.

Six large drainage channels allow
water to drain off instantly.


Hand and finger protection system
for safe and easy handling.


Locking system allows core boxes to be
securely attached, improving stability and
minimizing shifting during transport.


Secured info tag with easy placing
and removal.


Lid locking system secures cover
during transport or storage.


Core separators with slots prevent cores
moving and breaking.


Writable surface on the core separators,
(Core Shocks) for a safe data recording.