Core Shocks (G2)

  • Better organization for the info about the drill cores.
  • Available for all Generation II box models.

Feedstock, fabrication and recycling

  • Polypropylene (PP) – 100% recyclable
  • Fabrication through injection.


  • In order to prevent the writings on the profiles from vanishing over time, we recommend using industrial markers or protecting the notes with transparent plastic.

As for the markers, we suggest the following products:
Marking Holder H-DM from Tombo
Traço Forte from Baden Industrial Química Ltda
Power Marker from Compactor


  • Recycled feedstock use is available.
  • You can recycle it up to 5 times without losing any of its significant properties.

Six large drainage channels allow
water to drain off instantly.


Hand and finger protection system
for safe and easy handling.


Locking system allows core boxes to be
securely attached, improving stability and
minimizing shifting during transport.


Secured info tag with easy placing
and removal.


Lid locking system secures cover
during transport or storage.


Core separators with slots prevent cores
moving and breaking.


Writable surface on the core separators,
(Core Shocks) for a safe data recording.