Core Boxes for storing core samples


43 Tons of garbage

That’s how much waste has been collected so far — Check out the Project

CORE BOXES for storing core samples

Developing sustainability through quality mining.

Sustainable solutions.

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The amount of recycled plastic used in the manufacturing of Core Case boxes

Trees saved from switching to plastic Core Case boxes

of Plastic that is recycled and used to make Core Case boxes.

• Material made 100% from waste collected from beaches and hillsides from the We Nature Project;

Why use Core Case?

Core Case’s boxes are the right option for your company, when you need to store diamond core samples. Core Case’s plastic boxes are far more durable, light and easier to handle than wooden ones, and they are produced from 100% recycled material.

At our CORE, we are about Preservation.

Design, Sustainability and Functionality are key to the products we develop for the mining sector. We produce cases of 100% recycled plastic for storing core samples.

Core Case develops actions that favor the development of projects related to
corporate governance, environmental and social sustainability.
Check out how these ongoing projects are carried out. SEE MORE… 

The beach and slope cleaning actions are executed weekly by the NGO ECO LOCAL BRASILin which Core Case is a partner and sponsor. 

Amount of waste collected in 2021:

43 Tons of garbage

The Core Case News

Mining in Brazil

Mining is considered an important activity for the Brazilian economy. Iron ore, gold and copper are prominent commodities.

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