Mining in Brazil

Mining is considered an important activity for the Brazilian economy. Iron ore, gold and copper are prominent commodities.

Práticas sustentáveis na mineração

Sustainable Practices in the Mining Industry

The theme of sustainable practices in the mining sector is gaining more and more prominence, with the importance of developing solutions that can be adopted by the industry, generating less environmental and social impact.


Drilling applied to mining

A sondagem na mineração pode ser aplicada em cavas a céu aberto ou minas subterrâneas. Saiba mais nesse conteúdo.


ESG in Mining – sector significance and initiatives

The term ESG has been widely used. Thus, mining companies and companies in the mineral sector have sought to adapt to good practices. Find out more on our blog.


What is drilling in mining and what are the main types

Probing are widely used in various sectors such as engineering, mining, geotechnics, among others. Learn more in this post about the main types and applications.


We Nature Project collects 200 kilos of garbage at Atalaia beach

In a 2 hour effort, our team, made of supporters and volunteers, was able to cover a 150 meter zone of the Itajaí Bay, where approximately 200 kilos of garbage was collected.


César Cielo at ECO BUS STORE

Our Olympic champion at our Eco Bus Store.. The Eco Bus Store is located at Praia Brava, in Itajaí (SC), and is the first physical …


Toy made by beach trash

This Saturday morning (4) Praia Central, in Navegantes (SC), will receive the Praia Limpa project. The activity is scheduled for 9 am. The environmental action, …


DH COLLAR MARK made by beach trashes

Garbage-made product. Even better, taken from the beaches. The product is a sounding landmark for mining. It is usually made with concrete, as it must …

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