In addition to sustainable products, Core Case develops actions that favor the development of projects related to corporate governance, environmental and social sustainability. Check out how these ongoing projects are carried out and that are part of Core Case’s daily life.


– Products made with 100% recycled and recyclable raw material;
– Zero deforestation;
Clean Beach Project;
– Eco Bus Store;
– Core Case Collection products with low environmental impact in production;
– Zero Waste Certification.


Campaigns with ever-present social engagement and the involvement of other local institutions for the best use of actions;

– Agasalho do Bem. Incentive to exchange a used product for a new one at a discount;

– Clean Beach ProjectIntroduction to the local community in each region for garbage collection and environmental education.


Commitment to all stakeholders (suppliers, customers, community, etc.);
Product use manuals for better ergonomics for users;
– Standardization of production (ISO 9001) and operating procedures;
– Transparency, legality and fiscal responsibility in all spheres of business.


The Project aim to actually clean up waste in beaches, as well as the sand bar and cliff areas, which is very important for the local biodiversity development.

Managed and executed by ECO LOCAL BRASIL NGO, partner of and sponsored by Core Case. Eco Local Brasil is an NGO always looking forward integrated sustainability and contribution so that our habitat is smartly and responsibly preserved.

The Project’s action strongly take place every week in beaches of the States of Paraná, Santa Catarina, and São Paulo, where invited people, influencers, athletes, firefighters, and the local community could experience sharing. All of them had one common goal: to preserve our beaches and hills hoping for positive results in the present and future generations.

43 Tons of garbage

That's how much waste has been collected so far.


A one-time action in conjunction with the Junior Volunteer Firefighters executed by the Eco Local Brazil NGO. It seems like a simple beach cleaning action but combined with educational practice led to an amazing result. The collected material was transformed into raw material for making toys that were delivered to social projects benefiting more than a thousand children.

CORE CASE among World World Sustainability Awards 2021 finalists

The award is organized by Sustainability Leaders, a global network designed to help organizations develop a cross-functional sustainability program. Among the 12 existing categories, Core Case is competing in the “Business Transformation” category with other major global brands.


Just as important as the collection of garbage is its adequate disposal. Among the residues removed from the beaches during the beach cleaning actions, a large part is destined to the manufacturing of products. The production process basically consists of compacting the waste by means of presses and the use of specific plastic injection molding machines.

Sustainable Clothing

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Revitalization ECO BUS

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Agasalho do Bem

Donate a sweater and
receive 30% off.


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