Realizing that the operational difficulties caused by wooden boxes in drill-cores storage were common to other companies in the business, the following question came up: why aren’t they made with a more adequate material, like plastic, for example? As a response, the Core Case was developed.

The boxes are made of 100% recycled and recyclable material (Polypropylene – PP), which has an ergonomic format, so they are resistant, light and easy to carry. They are also much more durable than wooden boxes and other materials. Currently, Core Case keeps investing heavily in technology and innovation, aiming to make the products even more relevant to the market, and acting with total respect for the environment.

11 reasons


Core Case products are manufactured with 100% recycled materials;

More durable

Plastic has a longer shelf life compared to wooden boxes, especially if properly stored;

ergonomic and safe

Integrated handles for better manipulation. Rounded corners: greater safety in
stacking. Rigid material: no twisting of the box;

No risk of contamination

Plastic is an inert material that does not react chemically with other
substances; Core Case boxes have holes for water drainage avoiding contamination with the box below;

Data and information security

Fitted ID plates, surfaces with a rough texture to preserve the written
data, lid with efficient closing and locking system;


Products tested in laboratory and field tests
(exposed to temperatures from -40º to 50ºC);

Standard products and industrial scale production

Products are made in an ISO 9001 certified
plant. Boxes are not hand-crafted as wooden boxes: higher productivity, consistency and guaranteed delivery

Efficient use of space

Core Case products considerably improve the organization of warehouses and storage
places and reduce the need for high investments in infrastructure. Greater stacking capacity;

The designs are made by industry experts

All products were developed by a design team under the
direct supervision of a geologist with over 12 years of experience in mining science and technology development;

Economical transport

Core Case’s plastic boxes are lighter than wood which significantly reduce
transport costs;


Studies have shown that in the mid and long term use, the Core Case products are
extremely cost-effective compared to other materials (wood, cardboard, metal).


Generate earnings for partners, business partners and customers for the production and marketing of plastic products for the mining industry.


To be until 2020 the world’s leading company in the packaging trade for storing geological survey reports.


Quality – We want our products to be recognized for their high quality.
Innovation – We intend to always innovate within our products, aiming to better fulfill the client’s necessities.
Environment – We are committed to improving our processes and developing innovative solutions to limiting negative environmental impacts and minimizing the production of residues harmful to nature.